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Early Praise for Triple Divide



Triple Divide is a fast-paced novel exploring the long-term consequences of the hard decisions made in war on those who fight. Tobin vividly describes both people and the landscapes they move through, giving particular care to the deep, oft-unspoken bonds between men. I couldn't put down this gripping book!



                   KAYLA WILLIAMS, author of the memoir, Love My Rifle More than You



Triple Divide is a terrific novel. J.E. Tobin expertly crafts a propulsive and thought-provoking narrative that is as literary as it is entertaining. He writes expertly about the ugly realities of modern warfare as well as the trauma that so often follows soldiers home. Pick this one up and read it. You won't regret it!


                  CHAD DUNDAS, author of the acclaimed novels, The Blaze and Champion of the World



J. E. Tobin writes with a readable style that opens his characters, and his audience, to the often hidden, and always fascinating, inner world of men. Triple Divide, loosely based on The Odyssey, is indeed epic in its journey, and in its intimate details of relationship, landscape, challenge, and emotional release. I highly recommend this novel not just to men, whose lives it reflects, but to women who are interested in bridging gaps between the inner worlds of women and men. While this novel is first and foremost an adventure and a thriller, Triple Divide is also an inspiring take on the human condition, able to open human hearts to self-awareness and, I think, a deeper peace.


                 MICHAEL GURIAN, New York Times bestselling author of Saving Our Sons and The Stone Boys



J. E. Tobin has taken what he learned from returning soldiers in a New Jersey VA hospital and woven a masterful novel as finely observed as if he had lived it himself. The story takes me back to my many days with soldiers and Marines (and their interpreters) in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan, and the encounters I've had with those who suffered upon returning. It breaks your heart and rings all too true. 



                MARTIN SMITH, Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentarian, most recently writer, producer, and Correspondent for FRONTLINE series, America and the Taliban



Infused with pain and regret, Triple Divide is a compelling story of three soldiers on leave in the States after a harrowing incident in Afghanistan, each battling his own demons and sense of responsibility. Many books have been written about the horrors of war; this one explores what happens afterwards, when soldiers come home haunted by the ghosts of dead comrades and weighed down by all they've seen and done.



                BILL GLOSE, author of All the Ruined Men and winner of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Award


In the impenetrable darkness of war there is one consoling ray of light—the unbreakable bond of love and loyalty forged between warriors. They fight and die for each other; then, if fortunate enough to survive, they bring each other home. Triple Divide, a deeply human, radiant homecoming story, focuses on that light, while never denying or diminishing the darkness that surrounds and threatens it. For the countless others who never went to war, Triple Divide brings the gift of understanding.


                ROBERT EMMET MEAGHER, author of Killing from the Inside Out and Albert Camus and the Human Crisis





Praise for When We Were Wolves

(published May 10, 2022)




When a novel poses a question; asks you to think if you could stand up and face the storm, I know it's going to stay with me, and that's exactly what J. E. Tobin's When We Were Wolves does. When we were kids, we were taught to trust adults and not to question, but this story will remind you of your duty to question for your own well-being. It reminds us that heroes are human beings just like us.


             WHOOPI GOLDBERG, Academy Award-winning actor, comedian and author



To enter the world of J.E. Tobin's When We Were Wolves is to immerse ourselves in a vital David and Goliath story ripped right from the headlines.  Truth and courage are pitted against lies, lawyers, and hero worship.  The writing is vivid and the plot relentless.  This novel brims with empathy and insight and will stay with the reader long after the last page is read.  And it may just change our perception of what makes someone a hero. 


           MICHAEL GURIAN, New York Times bestselling author of The Wonder of Boys and The Stone Boys



J.E. Tobin's When We Were Wolves is an urgent and deeply affecting reckoning with abuse, and a powerful testament to the extraordinary courage of those who refuse to be silent in its wake. As the novel's protagonist, Tom Wingfield, unknits the trauma of his past, J.E. Tobin illuminates his journey with nuance, sensitivity, and wisdom, inspiring both necessary heartache and great hope.


          JESSIE CHAFFEE, author of Florence in Ecstasy



When We Were Wolves is a timely gut-punch of a book about fame and guilt and power—and about one man wrestling with his past and what he can still do about it. But more than that, it is a time capsule of how we live now, where average people and larger-than-life celebrities meet along newly drawn battle lines, where justice has become a malleable term, and where alliances aren't what we thought they were. Tobin's characters are as real as the neighbors and friends we think we know around us.


        BRIAN CASTLEBERRY, author of Nine Shiny Objects



When We Were Wolves celebrates an authentic hero, a man who is willing to risk everything he has gained in order to save innocents from what he has suffered.   A powerful novel, both exhilarating and compassionate—a story you will never, ever, ever forget.


       SALLY STILES, author of Plunge and Like a Mask Dancing



When We Were Wolves is a timely and riveting debut novel. J.E. Tobin writes eloquently and fearlessly of a man confronting his inner demons, spawned by childhood trauma, and in doing so, Tobin invites the reader along on a quest for revenge that becomes a path to redemption. It's a fascinating journey that's well worth taking.


       DAVID HOLTHOUSE, author of the play, Stalking the Bogeyman



J. E. Tobin's literary career is off to a strong start with When We Were Wolves. Domestic fiction needs more strong male protagonists, and readers will find one in Tom Wingfield, who fights to keep himself and his family intact while struggling with a secret that could tear apart everything he cares about.


      LAURA DiSILVERIO, national best-selling and award-winning author of The Reckoning Stones